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Light-bulbTips for higher scoring - Updated!!

by Theresa Amick - Sep 11, 2012 Star_s10,570 views

I posted how I raised my score this week from about 100k to over 600k thinking that was a pretty good score since it is one of the highest of the list of people I play with.

Today I added new players from the 'add me' section here on gamer's unite. One of the first had a high score for the week of over 1 million. Then as a few others appeared on my list, the most recent has a score of over ...


What I listed here before regarding how I raised my score from 100k to 600k no longer really applies so I deleted it. I mean it does - that's how I raised my score 500k this week but I had no idea it was even possible to score multiple millions much less over 20 million in a game.

In the tips I listed I explained that I hadn't noticed much benefit to using the power-ups. Apparently some of the power-ups do help. I just do not know which ones could make such a huge difference.

If anyone has any tips for raising their score, please share!

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12-em-plus add reply

I'm not sure how you both are having difficulty scoring 1 million per game. I play on my phone, and I rarely get less than 3-4 million per game. My highest score is over 30 million. The highest score I've seen is 44 million. I'm at level 51, and with the Super Scorer boost active (9,000 coins.. Takes about 3-4 games to earn that amount) I get a final score boost of 95%.

I just need to know how I'm supposed to complete the goal "Get 10,000 points on one throw". I've completed almost every other goal.


Well i was looking for posts that could tell me a little bit about the scoring process as i felt it is crucial to understand that and apply the appropriate power-up. So far what i saw here are people who have scored 1M once or twice well my advice to them is keep trying don't give up practice makes you perfect.

I usually score 300K-400K on a regular (non-powerup) basis. I have on many occasions been able to score 600K+ without any sort of power-up.

As a player with 14 medals in 1M and 2 Medals in 1.25 i would suggest you

- Play on a daily basis to gather colns and gems
- Try to unlock 2 power slots of the game
- Try to rely more on economy by applying timer (cost 1250 coins) + 1 more power-up either vortex or rainbow or megabomb (rest are useless from my experience)
- Add friends if possible, keep sharing achievements in game on your wall to attract friends

now taking a closer look of vortex and rainbow...both have pro and cons

problem with rainbow power up is that during game play the rainbow bubble is attached to other colored bubbles and in worst cases it is with just 1 other color which is not visible on the board and your canon has the exact color which the power up is taking. Also in scenario where it is the middle of the 2 same colors and only way to connect those bubbles is by attaching 2 more same color bubbles
Blue Rainbow Blue

For vortex its just adding 1 more lightning bolt otherwise it covers the issue of above you do not worry about power bubble blocking your string of same color. Problem here lies in the ability of the player to make the chain of 10+ if you can't make that it goes waste.

remember both work best with extra-time

Mega bomb shares the same disadvantage as of rainbow.

As for shooting stars they are very handy once you realize how to handle your power-up slots. If you keep your coins preserved you can build upto 50k+ coins and when the time comes apply all powerups
i.e 10,000 or 12,000 for shooting star + 2 power up slots.

avoid enigma as it is a huge risk of 12 Gems!!

In later levels of gameplay if you have sustained sufficient wealth in terms of gems and coins you may even opt for special offers so combining
Special offer (prefer potion that increases 20% score at the end of the game - cost you 50k coins)
Shooting Star (Pref. inferno -coins 10K (pros clears the board, cons as of rainbow above) )
1 Slot
Extra time (1250 Coins)
1 Slot
either rainbow or vortex

If you find this useful please click on like :)


I thought I would add some things I found. I finally got my score up over a million. Hey if you read this, press 'like' so I know whether I am wasting my time sharing this info. I thought I should share since I almost gave up because I was so frustrated about other peoples insane scores.

I was thinking that I just was too slow to ever be able to compete (get on the top scores list) and I actually had stopped playing for a week or so as I couldn't see any signficant progress as far as me getting any better at the game.

Most of the time on a perfect game (no misses) with no added power-ups I can get around 300k points. Sometimes it's lower and sometimes higher.

Right around level 33 (I can't remember if it was actually 33), a new power up called mega extra time becomes available. It requires gems to use (2 each game) so make sure to save those. Also right around the same time that the power-up becomes available, a new valuable is given from cashing in the keys (at around 50 keys / 10 Valuables). It was 20 gems to use with the new power-up. I had saved around 20 gems so I had a good 40 gems to use on this new power-up.

Using the Mega Extra Time along with the Rainbow Bubble power-up that clears all bubbles of the color you shoot, I was able to get scores over a million. The highest I was able to get was 1,201,725 which has me 2nd so far this week in the line-up with the top player having 1.5M. I still have no idea how that week I posted here last, the top playing on my list had over 20M as a score. That HAS to be using one of those fancy boosts that are offered in between games and cost something ridiculous to even try out.

The problem for me is now the gems are gone and playing with the regular time +rainbow bubble can get maybe 600k points but that's about it. Now I am just playing hoping that I get a tiny bit more accurate by the time I am awarded new gems to work with. Its as if without having gems or the coins to buy the mega extra time + Rainbow Bubble, there is no use playing. Yet of course to get gems and coins without buying them, I'll have to play a few games each day. I hope more gems are awarded anyway.

There is a good chance I'll get bored and lay off my daily playing again for awhile. It's hard not to think that long before the level I am on now, I got as good as I'll ever be at this game. There isn't a huge incentive to continue playing if I simply cannot get any better or have to play just tons of 300k games to ever get the chance again to make a score of over a million.

Of course i could buy gems but if I were to start buying the special powers that cost so much, one i'd be broke and two, in essence I'd feel like I was cheating since I could never score as high as I would if I paid for it. That is, maybe I could buy the number one spot but is that very satisfying to get it that way?

The highest score I have been able to get BEFORE the new mega extra time power-up was an average of 600-700k with perfect accuracy and using the regular extra time + the rainbow bubble power-up.

Until I can consistently finish more games with complete accuracy, there really is no point in using ANY power-ups. If I ever get to where I can usually finish games without missing a shot, then power-ups are worth it (and would be available as I'd have saved all my gems/coins) to use at that time.

A note about other power ups: I haven't noticed much use for any of the others. I've tried the double X, supreme vortex, mega chain, platinum bubble and triple X. Maybe with the right combination that I somehow missed there is a way to do better. As far as I can tell and have had coins and gems enough to try, the best combo so far is:

A perfect game (no misses) +
Rainbow Bubble +
Mega Extra Time

It looks like at level 36 a Mega Bomb becomes available. Not sure if that is the last available power-up or if I can see that only because it is my next one or not. I will update when I find that out.

Now, if anyone has been able to match up other power-ups to get a better score, I'd sure like to know any tips, tricks or ideas!

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