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Light-bulbINFO and Warning to Farmville 2 players something to know

by Joe Dennee - Sep 13, 2012 Star_s50,030 views

I warn all Farmville 2 players, do not spend any money on that game - if you buy animals in that game, they will become "Prized Animals" after you feed them a certain number of times, and then every 18 hours only give you 50 coins and 1 experience , this means you will get no eggs, milk or other crafting materials or products or fertilizers. They will then just take up the limited number of animal spaces on your farm, and you will have to spend farm cash/bucks to but more water troughs for your farm after the first one.. The first trough is for coins, the next is 45 farm cash/bucks and only adds 5 more animals to your count from 15 to 20 animals.. I have spoken with customer service and they seem to think this is acceptable. As it is a designed feature in the game. Also they pointed out you can store the Prized animals, funny how you can store them but it resets the time on the animals back to 18 hours, so you can never even collect the lousy 50 coins and 1 XP so its worthless, so your only option is to sell an animal for coins that you paid farm cash/bucks for.. And if you want to continue to get the higher number of crafting materials and the fertilizers (which you get from animals you paid farm cash/bucks for) you will have to spend more farm cash/bucks. So Everyone strike on playing this game and share this letter on the wall and keep spreading this message, to let Zynga know we dont appreciate getting ripped off for Real money over and over again, especially when they need us to play their new game as it is supposed to be their "GREAT HOPE" for their company to save their sagging stock prices. So share this if you like and make sure you let everyone know you support it.. 1 million strong I hope!"

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Actually, animals you buy for farmbucks are not worthless .. they might surprise you once they achieved a blue ribbon. My New Hampshire Chicken gives me 10 fertilizer with every feed now!


first of all I am on level 60 with a very profitable farm and do not use real money for anything. I love this game! As you advance you can add more community neighbors! I have over 400 neighbors! So keep playing! I cannot stress enough the importance of WELLS and TROUGHS! and when it says to ASK FOR WATER then definitely ask and it will store in your inventory but only up to 30!

Dora, that was happening to me the other day but it went away!

I am still wanting to know what the 'treat' is to feed cows to get the milk carton!


i need to feed my animalsbut it wont let me make feed what is happening


@Frances Da Costa - Yes it is "money making" endeavor. Do you know how much of man/coding effort this game needs ? Do u know how much of running/maintenance cost this game requires ? Zynga is not running a trust to give all of this free. Like any other game application they do all those to earn money to lure the player to come in and spend money . Anyways they are giving fair turn for others who doesn't want to pay for the play aswell. Dont spend money if you dont want to but dont criticize them .


Animals you buy with farmbucks need almost all twice as much feedings to become prized, they also let you earn more XP when you feed them so they worth it if you put them in their storage place.

If you believed that you could finish the game quicker using farmbucks you were wrong.

Still you definitely can play without spending any real money and have fun.

Of course they will try to get money from you, I don't believe Zynga is making games just to please you buet also to earn money but they still give you the option of using the game for totally free or pay for the cutest animals and decorations.

Another option is cheating, it seems they don't really care if you do....


People looking for help on their farms, neighbors etc. PLAY ON ZYNGA.COM seriously. I have over 100 neighbors and complete quests very quickly because people are always adding you on there. You don't have to add them on facebook or anything.


Good laugh - thanks for the post


NO--IT IS not JUST A GAME. I like this game very much and with the time and effort "some" players put into it it becomes more than JUST A GAME. Do you realize that legislature is looking at these games as becoming part of people's wills to be handed down and left to designated heirs?
Let's look at "fairness". It is offered as a FREE game--if so--then everything offered so be offered to purchase in either FV2 cash or COINS. Every player should fairly have this option!

Why offer it the first time for coins (to unfairly draw players in--sucker them in? "in good faith")and then after that first time change it to $45 FV2/$10 American money for a measly 5 more animals and then another forced payment of the same over and over. Why are they controlling animal population--is it a dictatorship too besides being unfair?

Zynga's not treating it as JUST A GAME--they are using it as a "money-making" endeavor--ask them if it is just a free game?


Joseph - I suggest you stop playing FV immediately - it has obviously had a deep and lasting affect on your ability to write a coherent post. FV is a GAME. Nobody is forcing you to play. Nobody is forcing you to spend money.

If you don't like it stop playing. It's that simple.


There are two types of neighbors - Community neighbors and Facebook friends that you can make your farm neighbors. I think you are talking about Community neighbors which is restricted to five - these are not your Facebook friends that you have invited to be neighbors.


ok. hi all, i am new a farmville 2. i am not a gamer, but somehow got started on this. i am only on level 8. i know i am not going to pay money to play it. so, i will see how far i get.. my ONE main question is this: why does it say i can only have a maximum of 5 neighbors.???? i thought i could get all the neighbors to come play that i could find. what gives? why am i allowed only 5 neighbors. I have lots more that want to play. is this a rule for level 8? anyone know?? please help , i'll check back for answer. also, how do you even invite more neighbors?


I am in 25 level and playing for last 3 months.I haven't brought/used any farm bucks and am loving the game. If at all i get bored or frustrated in future i would stop playing this game and start another new game. After all its a game and we play for hobby ,arent we? why so much of fuss?


i know this is not good news either . you are only 5 water troughs and 45 animals ...this is bad ...after you get those things ......u will have a hard time leveling up! i am so mad too right now ..


this game will not let me buy or level up for water trawlf. I'm getting real disgusted i can only have 45 animals still...this will be another game i quite playing!!!!!!!!!!!


@Alan - good. I was hoping you would catch that sooner rather than later. Was making me grumpy. :P

Speaking of all these prized animals everyone -
Don't forget that with the new animal ribbons, you get double the goods for blue ribbon prized animals. Also, using the speed feed gives you twice the count toward the ribbons per feeding. Now we really need some new recipes for brown eggs and goat cheese IMO... I am drowning in them!


@Robyn Barcomb - Just an FYI: I deleted Michael's post as well as your reply to it (which was right on target). Just wanted to let you know.


@Sarineh Mamigonian - Simply search for the game in Facebook and click on the approprite link. That will prompt you to allow the app to be reinstalled to your Profile.


I have deleted my farmville app by mistake, how can I recover the same?

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