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Question-whiteWhat's a 'hopper bubble'?

by Wendy Ericksen - Sep 14, 2012 Star_s1,882 views

Under 'My Rescued Animals', I'm trying to complete level 3/3 of Nola the Rhino. The first task listed is 'Win level 46 with exactly 3 hopper bubbles left'. I don't know what a hopper bubble is and I've searched all over for a description.

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So with Nola you need to 'Win level 46 with exactly 3 hopper bubbles left.. what are the other 2 tasks you need 2 do... ?


The "Hopper bubbles left" challenges don't count the bubble currently ready to be fired. If you need to finish with one, your 3rd to last bubble has to finish the stage, so you'll have 1 to shoot, and 1 on hold under it.
I had the same problem with "finish with 3 hopper bubbles left in the hopper on stage 117(I think it was). I finished 3 times with 3 bubbles left, and it wouldn't accept it, so I finished it with 4 total bubbles left(one ready to shoot, 3 left in hopper) and it accepted it.


I have a problem with nola the rino 3/3. I do have 2 stars on lvl 13 and i end it with 1 hopper bubble, and it doesn't finish the job...


Cool. Thanks.


its the amount of bubbles you have left at the end. (bonus bubbles) i got this one at level 125.

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