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Light-bulbPen Pal Package - The Military Parcel Wagon

by Tonya Collins - Sep 14, 2012 Star_s1,522 views



Private Grant is having a hard time out at Fort Courage. Help your child put together a care package for him and earn rare collectibles! 

-After mission 2, 3 & 5 you will get a mystery crate with rare collectibles
-1 New tree on Free Gift page - Cashew 6 hour harvest
-Collect the Daily Bonus from the Parcel Wagon to get rare collection parts!
-2 New collections - Caring for Heroes & Tending the Fort

What You Need:

Flax - mission 1
30 tomatoes mission 2
10 Aloe Vera - stage 1
Steel Forges - stage 1
Beets - stage 1
Corn -stage 2
Wheat - stage 3
Jack Rabbits - mission 3
Adult Sheep - mission 4
Adult Cows - stage 1)
Adult Shaggy Llama - stage 4
Captain Mary -reward for completing mission 2, drops hero feathers, stage 3
3 skulls - mission 1
Rocks -stage 2
Raspberries trees - stage 2
Coffee Trees - mission 5
Cherry Trees - mission 5
Apple Trees - stage 3)
Cashew Trees (reward for completing mission 2; drop curved slats, building - stage 4
Pine Trees - stage 4)


I. Pen Pal Package
Clear 3 Skulls on yer homestead
Gather 10 Packaging String (flax)
Place the Military Parcel Wagon
Rewards: 500xp, 2 aloe vera, raspberry bush

II. Frontier Comfort
Harvest 30 Tomatoes on yer Homestead
Collect 8 Lantern Candles from your friends (Request)
Finish Phase 1 of the Wagon
Rewards: 1,000xp, 3 cashew trees, 1 jackrabbit

*Tend adult cows for Cheddar Cheese, Harvest Steel Forges for Sharpening Stones. Each Malasses Cookie requires 5 cookioe recipes, requested, and 4 molasses which drop from beets.


III: Pass the Time
Gather 6 Lucky Rabbit's Feet (jackrabbits)
Collect 12 Baseballs from your Friends (request)
Finish Phase 2 of the Wagon
Rewards: 1,500 xp, 2,000 coins, Captain Mary

Harvest Raspberry Bushes for raspberry flavoring, harvest Corn for Corn husks. Each pet rock requires 6 childs paints, requested, and 4 smooth round  rocks which can be found clearing rocks on your homestead. 


IV. Family Visit
Craft 4 Message Capsules
Collect 15 Pigeon Care Pamphlets from your friends
Finish Phase 3 of the Wagon
Reward: 2000 XP, Lumber Tree Serum, 3 Shaggy Llamas

*Each Message Capsule Requires 3 green yarn found while tending adult sheep, and 4 hollowed tubes, requested.

Tend Captain Mary Pigeons to get hero feathers. You get 1 as a mission reward. Each hand drawn map requires 5 kids crayons, requested, and 3 map papers which drop from apple trees. Each  mission provision requires 6 flight pouches, requested,  10 bird canteens, requested, and 10 dry bread crumbs which drop from harvesting wheat. 


V. Picture for Pa
Craft 6 Cherished Portraits
Gather Ten Dark Coffee Beans on yer Homestead (coffee trees)
Finish the Parcel Wagon 
Rewards: 3,000 xp, 3,000 coins, fort courage banner 

*Each Cherished Portrait requires 6 playful pictures, requested, 6 cherrywood stain, requested and 5 photo matte, which drop from cherry trees.

Tend Shaggy Llamas for furry pillows. Each art requires 6 drawing charts, requested, and 5 paper which drop from pine trees. Each Hankercheif requires 10 cotton swatches , reqested , 6 thumb screws, requested, and 4 curved slats which drop from cashew trees. Cashew trees are a free gift.




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12-em-plus add reply

Raspberry bushes are stored in your orchards!


Have you checked your inventory for rasberry bushes? They are available in the market for horsehoes and you should have one from a previous mission. You can also get them by turning in the rasberry collection which will also drop from tending neighbors rasberry bushes. If you have  good friend you might also be able to get someone to pass a collection or two your way :)   


I am on the second upgrade on this mission and i need raspberry flavoring ,supposed to get it from harvesting raspberries on ure homestead but I am not able to find neither raspberry trees or bushes or crops..I have looked in the market and also on the gift page....

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