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Question-whitenot snagging the latest items

by Stefania Marcoaldi Bailey - Sep 14, 2012 Star_s111 views

Hi, my snagger it's not snagging gems and the latest building parts for the arborist, the check mark is there and the snagger is working because is snagging the bones.....does anyone having the same problems? Can anyone help please? thanks!

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12-em-plus add reply

Did anybody try to install the snagger again?


I hope is going to be fixed soon......very frustrating.....and no hope on finishing the new constructions unless you click on the feed 24 hrs a day


And here I thought it was just me...I am not getting any of them..I really would love for you to investigate this problem..They also came out with the Dragon Lair last night...would love for those also to be added to the snag bar..


same issue it's not collecting the new items even though they are checked


exactly....I hope we can solve the problem.....I know of other people with the same issues (:


I have the exact same problem...the items are ticked in the preference list (I've even unticked and then ticked again), but these latest items that have been added to the preference list, are not being snagged, and many are still available on my wall because i just went through and got a number of them that the bar had not picked up

so VERY frustrating

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