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Question-whiteWhere is the FV2 Snag Bar???

by Michael S. Den Beste - Sep 15, 2012 Star_s8,170 views

Can we get a snag bar update for FV2? It can't be that hard... the game only has a few postable items.

Please? pretty please? With sugar on top?

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12-em-plus add reply

@Carol Moutinho - The Snag Bar does snag the original FarmVille. Just go to your Toolbar Preferences page, unselect FarmVille 2, then select FarmVille.


why is snag bar snagging farmville 2 and not farmville it ain't fair for those who don't play farmville 2 they should allow to snag farmville has well :(


It's here! :) You can now choose it on the preference page!


I agree!!! I really would like to see it added to the snag bar!!


I would like that too. I need to learn how to post for baby bottles.



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