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Light-bulbHow To Get Water Tips

by John Smith - Sep 17, 2012 Star_s22,696 views

Hey guys I just found this on how to get more water in FarmVille 2. I'm kinda new and this guide helped me a lot. I need this water for my Crops!!! Hope this helps other people too.

Water is a very important and scarce resource in FarmVille 2. In a way, Water takes the place of Energy that was required in the original FarmVille. You will need Water in FV2 to grow Plants and Crops, not to mention it is needed in some Crafting Recipes as well. This guide will show you the ways to obtain more water in FarmVille 2.

4 Ways To Get More Water

1. Leveling Up- When you earn enough experience you will level up. Upon level up you will be granted +20 water. While this is not the best method to obtain water, in the earlier levels it is easier to level up and get this extra water.

More Information On Getting Water Here: 4 Ways To Get Water In FarmVille 2

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