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Light-bulbHELP STUCK ON LEVEL 86!!!

by Kelly O'Brien - Sep 18, 2012 Star_s12,188 views

Hello, does anyone know atrick to get passed level 86? I have been stuck on it for about 4 weeks and getting very angry! Thanks

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It worked for me to use a guide with tips for this level..
Question: Stuck on level 86 in Candy Crush Saga, I need some help please....

Level 86 looks really hard to pass when you first look at it. But it's not as hard as it seems. All the jelly you need to remove is inside the pyramid.

Tip 1: Wrapped Candy works the best in this level.
The best way to reach the pyramid, and the jellies, is to use some special candies. Try to get the wrapped candy because this helps a lot to remove horizontal and vertical lines in the playfield.

Tip 2: Do not focus on the blockers. - See more at: http://candy-crush-saga-tips-and-tricks.com/stuck-on-level-86-in-candy-crush-saga.htm#sthash.Y5gHCoXm.dpuf

It helped me to pass this level. Good luck!!


Hi this howto may help you out! with explanation!

(on youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlItPWcJcxU




I am stuck on this level on both devices: Iphone and computer, why can´t I get through this? It is like jinxed..


OMG I can't get off this level I have ben on it for 2 and a half weeks :(


If you combine two sugar bombs, you will get major break throughs, but you have to get them early on or you won't have enough moves to break the rest of the jellies. I'm still stuck too, but this will help.


Meeee toooooo!!!! I can not get past it! I've been on it for the past 6days!!!


stuck on this level HELP


Focus on the gelatine jelly's, try to get in, and work your way through them then. Don't bother about the so calles 'closed' boxes too much, if you got a few open, you will be abel to get in. The striped candies are helpfull, the choclate bomb not so much in this level.

Good luck!!


Me too. Thats impossible for me T_T
Somebody help

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