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Light-bulb8 Ways To Get XP

by John Smith - Sep 18, 2012 Star_s11,892 views

Another FV2 guide on how to gain XP. I didn't realize you could gain XP in so many ways.

8 Ways To Get XPAs you do work on your farm you will give a little bit ofXP for each job done. You will also get XP for helping out your friends' farms as well. The more XP you get, the higher level you will become and the more you will unlock (i.e. Crops, Trees, Areas, etc.)

Here are 8 different ways that you can gain more XP in ChefVille:

#1. Water Crops/Trees- Once you plant crops you will have to water them in order for them to start to grow. You will get XP for each Crop and Tree that you water. If you need more water check out the guide 4 Ways To Get More Water.

#2. Harvest Crops/Trees- Once crops are watered and fully grown you get harvest them. You will receive XP for every Crop/Tree harvested. Trees will usually give more XP, but it depends on the Tree/Crop that is harvested from.

#3. Feed Animals- You will see a little seed icon over your animals when they need to be fed. Click on them and they will give you Goods (eg. Eggs, Milk, Wool). You will also receive XP each time you feed your animals. Check the timer on each animal to find out when the next feeding time will be for the particular animals you have.

More Information Here: 8 Ways To Get XP

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