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Light-bulbLevel 181 imposible?

by Ian Russell - Sep 19, 2012 Star_s665,780 views

I am not convinced this level can be completed. The candies under the 2 cherries require 2 many hits from striped candies from the main field. I have used multiple combos and never got vaguely close to completing

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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It was hard, but I just completed it. You have to be lucky AND you have to play correctly. Unlike most levels, getting the chocolate ball (the big one with the dots) does not really do that much for you. Even if you match it with a stripe, most of the zaps are wasted going up and down or too high and too low to do any good. The best thing to get is a stripe with a wrapped and make sure you place it correctly for the level you want to zap. The next best thing is a horizontal stripe. If you are forced to get (or wind up getting) vertical stripes try to match them because even with two verticals one zap will go horizontally when you match the two. A chocolate ball with a stripe is OK but not great so don't aim for doing it, but you can use it when you have it. You can't waste any moves - so don't do anything that doesn't accomplish anything. One game I wound up with getting about 5 chocolate balls and I did not win!! It is so tempting to go for matching 5 but on this level it can be better to go for something else. If you get candies above the object and match a chocolate ball with a stripe of the same color that cany above the object will zap the column. I did that several times but did not win that way (but I can see that you could) The time I won it was all due to mixing stripes and wrapped, getting horizontal stripes and not wasting any moves. If you get a horizontal stripe in the lowest row try to work it so that you can move it up.


Hello Ian, For me it worked a lot to take a look at a level guide. For example this one:

Good luck completing the level.


I agree this level is next to impossible, I have been on it for months now. I' m pretty close to finding another game. This is just not enjoyable, it is frustating.


Clear the center frosting jellies first. A good way to do this is with vertical striped candies, since they will clear more than one frosted jelly at a time.


SOOOOO frustrated i have been stuck here for months!!!!!!!!!!


Level 181 is a beast. I almost gave up on candy crush here.
Until i got some helpful hints. The trick to this level is striped and wrapped combos. Striped combos are good too, but if possible go for wrapped and striped candies. If you you get any chocolate balls match them with striped candies only, otherwise they are useless and a waist of your moves. The icing in the two seperate columns must be hit numerous times to break and release your two fruits. It took me two days to do this. I
didnt think it was possible but it is. Good luck gamers you can do it. Alyse


Guys. It is not impossible, but not easy either. It took me two hours. Wrapped candies together with horizontal ones and as many as poss will do the trick. Ignore colour bombs unless matched with a horizontal striped candy or a wrapped candy. Theres not a level in candy crush that all striped candies combined with a bomb or a wrapped candy will help, including this one. Learn how to produce them, how to align them and youre laughing. Theres absolutely no reason to be stuck for a month on one level.


Why is it every video I watch on this level they have the purple color in it and mine don't I have been stuck on this for a month .weird


Candy Crush Level 181 is definitely one of the hardest levels in the game but it is not impossible! I have found this site to be great on tips.

Can't seem to link it to. Anyone know how to do that for future reference?


For the daily boosts, try to get a ton of the boosts that are suckers that remove one candy at a time. Those won't count as a move, but will ware away at the chocolates holding up the cherries.


After trying this level several times, I finally beat it by focusing on trying to maneuver candies to make a striped candy and a wrapped candy combo. The candies on the edges take 3 or 4 hits to break, so it's absolutely critical to hit those fast and hit them often.

Another tip I found on http://readygamer.com/candy-crush-level-181-tips/ is to avoid chocolate candies. If you have a potential match of 5 candies, just take the match-4 and make the striped candy and see if you can make a wrapped candy to match it with before the striped candy falls too low.. This is counter intuitive to what you've learned to do throughout all of the previous levels, but it's what worked for me.


Level 181 is not a hard level. Rather, level 180 is harder than this.
Make horizontal striped and wrapped candies. I beat this level with 4 striped-and-wrapped mix, 3 horizontal stripes only, and a color bomb. Somebody says color bomb is not useful, but it's not. because it helps me for making striped and wrapped candies easier.
With this, I tried only 20 times and easily beated this level.


I got it in one night...thanks to all the tips here!


Crazy hard.. I think Ill delete and go Christmas Shopping.!


YES We Can..
Hope this How to Vid helps you out:) Level 181
Good luck!


By now I'm sure you've realised that this game is not designed for your amusement, but to make money. There are lots of nice and easy levels to draw you in then every so often a level like this. There is virtually no skill or tactics involved, just luck. How many times have you got a brilliant start only to watch the app blatantly contrive to stop you winning? The long and the short of it is, you have two choices: pay up or just wait until the app lets you win. To those of you banging your heads, just keep going, eventually it will let you pass and it will be so easy, you may even get a highest score. Good luck.


to make a horizonal stripe candy you have to match four candies vertically!!!! and visa versa for vertical stripe candies.


we had very positive feedback on crushingcandies.com regarding the tips we provided. Patricia, a CC expert wrote: The second and third blocks in the columns with the cherries have to be hit 4 times to be cleared. Horizontally striped candies will certainly weaken these blocks, but striped/wrapped combos really are the key…they will hit 3 rows in one shot. Color bomb/striped combos will be only be effective if there are sufficient candies in those targeted rows that match the striped candy.

for alternative strategies and relative conversation have a look here: http://www.crushingcandies.com/candy-crush-saga-level-181/


Anyone know how to figure out if a stripe combo will go vertical or horizontal!

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