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Light-bulbNew English quest--Could it be?

by Claire Benson - Sep 21, 2012 Star_s5,184 views

True? It would start September 30th

Quests Info

Travel Heavy

1. Harvest 500 English Peas
2. Harvest 500 English Roses
3. Take Photo with thegreen button/ Sp button on haunted hollow farm

Old English Hen

Barley Started

1. Harvest 800 Barley (12 Hrs)
2. Make 6 Barley Crumpets
3. Harvest 6 Livestock Pens

Quest Tips:

Crop Alternatives: Pearl Barley (12 Hrs), Forbidden Barley (8 Hrs)...

English Pavilion

Lift a Pint

1. Harvest 800 Hops (10 Hrs)
2. Harvest 800 Red Currant
3. Make 8 Oliviaberry Beers

Quest Tips:

Crop Alternative: Super Hops (10 Hrs), Royal Hops (10 Hrs)...

White Pine Tree

Where there's a Wool

1. Harvest 1000 Tomatoes (8 Hrs)
2. Harvest 1000 Strawberries (4 Hrs)
3. Make 8 Love Potions

Quest Tips:

Crop alternative: Purple Tomato (4 Hrs), Tomatillos (10 Hrs)...Crop Alternatives: Super Strawberry (4 Hrs), Red Iceberries (8 Hrs)

Gertrude the Ewe

A Lamb for Ewe

1. Build 1 Sheep Pen
2. Harvest the Sheep Pen 3 Times
3. Harvest 1000 Cara Potatoes

Quest Tips:

Crop Alternative: None...

Roses Garden

I'm sure it'll Turnip

1. Harvest a Cow Pasture 5 Times
2. Harvest 1000 Turnips
3. Make 10 Turnip Stew

Quest Tips:

Crop Alternative: None...

English Goat

Find Doctor Fluffy

1. Harvest 1000 Radishes (18 Hrs)
2. Harvest 1000 Foxglove
3. Make 10 Foxes Ale

Quest Tips:

Crop Alternative: Horse Radish (12 Hrs)...

Mystery Game Dart

Fit for a Duke

1. Harvest 1200 Black Tea
2. Make 6 Rosehip Tea
3. Make 6 Duke's Stout

Quest Tips:

Crop Alternative: None...

English Elm

Goodbye Again

1. Harvest 1500 Royal Hops
2. Make 12 Lionhead Ale
3. Buy 1 Crate

English Manor

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12-em-plus add reply

ok does anyone know for the love potion does this have to be done in the craft shop only on the EC or can we make these in craft shops on another farm. Cause if only on EC this one part is gonna take me at least 4 days and thats if I check in twice a day which I usually don't.


For this we get one month to complete, why??? the Hawaii quest was more tougher than this and only got 14 days, doesnt make sense.


Thank goodness i got my farm up to over 800 crops at one planting :0)


Suzy, love potion is made in the craftshop. You can buy it in the market under buildings, then tick crafting :)


where do you make the love potion required at level 4?


Sarah, barley crumpets are made in the pub building.


plz help my quest has gone and disappeared i dont know what to do


I completed quest @1 and #2 never appeared..What's up with this?


when I first got the quest it had the photo requirement, I did that, planted the required peas and roses and pre-planted some of the barley for the 2nd task. When I got back in tonight, the photo requirement was gone. Not checked as completed, but just not part of the task. Then when I finished it, it did not bring up the 2nd task in the quest. So if it comes back, I won't do it. I'm going to concentrate on the recipe masteries I already started.


Where do you make the barley crumpets. Tried to find them and couldn't.


I'll definitely pass. Amounts needed on crops are absurd, especially with so many new crops to plant now. Also, since an UR was unavailable until this week, I have NO crops on EC. It's devoted entirely to a giant walking zoo and arboretum. There's no way I'm deleting or tearing up my farm for the lame prizes being offered. Pass and double pass!


I can't imagine I'll spend so much time doing this one just to receive old prizes. Pass.


I believe this is new simply b/c of the amounts needed. It is very similar to the lengthy Hawaiian Quest we just did. This doesn't seem as bad though, since we don't have to reach extravagant levels of anything.


Yea we may or may not see this quest. The prizes are old which makes me suspicious.


Not very interesting prizes... wish they WOULD bring back EC decorations and buildings though, and release some new ones too.

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