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Light-bulbGhost Catcher Master Quest Guide...

by Melissa Pugh Gaddis - Sep 21, 2012 Star_s4,716 views

This series of FarmVille “Ghost Catcher” quests are expected to arrive on Thursday, September 27th 2012. This is the "all farm" quest.

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 1: Catching Ghosts

Get 6 Ghost Nets

Harvest 50 Licorice

Harvest Unicorn Pen Twice

Rewards: Pig Sidekick, 125 XP, & 2,500 Coins

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 2: Reading Time

Get 7 Ghost Manuals

Harvest 75 Wheat

Harvest Pig Sidekick Twice

Rewards: Ectoplasm Lake, 150 XP, & 3,000 Coins

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 3: Catching Ghosts… Again…

Get 8 Ghost Traps

Harvest 100 Licorice

Craft Strawberry Licorice Cupcake Twice

Rewards: Phantom Oak Tree, 175 XP, & 3,500 Coins

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 4: Gearing Up!

Get 9 Cardboard

Harvest 125 Rye

Harvest Phantom Oak Tree Twice

Rewards: Unwither, 225 XP, & 4,000 Coins

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 5: Almost There

Get 9 Ducttape

Harvest 150 Licorice

Craft Black Licorice Twice

Rewards: Ghost Mobile Seeder, 200 XP, & 4,500 Coins

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 6: Final Touches

Get 9 Ghost Vision Goggles

Harvest 150 Pppermint

Master Pig Sidekick to One Star

Rewards: Mystery Game Dart, 275 XP & 5,000 Coins

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 7: Go Time!

Get 10 Old Blankets

Harvest 150 Licorice

Craft Root Beer Twice

Rewards: Ghost Beagle, 250 XP & 5,500 Coins

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 8: Ghost Incoming

Get 11 Jars of Slime

Harvest 150 Pineapples

Harvest Ghost Beagle Twice

Rewards: Book of XP, 300 XP,& 6,000 Coins

FarmVille Ghost Catcher Quest 9: Ghostly Showdown

Get 12 Ghost Marshmallows

Harvest 200 Licorice

Master Licorice to 1-Star

Rewards: Ghastly Mini Stallion, 325 XP & 6,500 Coins

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12-em-plus add reply

No, they can be placed on any farm. You can put another winery on any additional farm if you want to increase your production, also. That way you can have multiple root beer recipes going at once, if you are repeating the quests.


Does the Winery have to be at my Home Farm to make Rootbeer?


Well, I think they're actually free :-) But you do need to get them in the market.


So, this means that I have to buy a bakery and winery now.:(


They have since changed this and black licorice and root beer aren't locked when you buy the bakery and winery.


Black licorice is in bakery, too.


The black licorice is crafted in the bakery, but it can't be unlocked until it's a 2 star bakery. It's the same story with the root beer, your winery needs to be 2 star before it is unlocked. UGH, I guess I better get to crafting :(


Where do we craft the black licorice?


you can craft root beer in the winery and the cupcakes in the bakery


where do you craft the cupcakes and root beer?


one day



I can't seem to find Licorice at the market does anyone know how long it takes to grow?

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