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Question-whiteDo collections = keys? How?

by Juli Reed - Sep 23, 2012 Star_s1,699 views

I have full collections but when I try to "exchange" for keys nothing happens. Please list click by click intructions for this self-proclaimed techno-tard! 1019920685

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12-em-plus add reply

As you play the different levels, you will acquire items for various collections. Each island has 5 items you can collect as you play for each set you acquire, you can exchange it for a key that is specific to that island. If you don't know what you've collected, go to the "collections" icon on the left of the page and click on it. You can see a full list of the items needed, what you've got so far and the options to turn them in for coins or keys if you've got at least one of each item.

Every time you complete a successful level, you will see, on the left, the highest scorer for that level, in the center your scores and the scores of your friends and on the right, you will see what awards you gained for completing that level; the coins you won and any collection items that randomly are won along the way.

Hope this helps! Have fun, Bubble Busters!


I found that you have to ask friends for help to break thru the deadly mists, that is the only way you can get up levels! I am still not sure what the keys are for!


Wish i could help you but i dont even know how or where to get the things to collect.
Can you tell me how to get the collection items? Please!!!!

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