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Question-white1 click bonuses for Pioneer Trail not working. Am I doing something wrong?

by Bry Tat - Sep 24, 2012 Star_s1,542 views

I click feeds, then Pioneer Trail Feed, then Collect! It says I have collected 50 bonuses, but if I go back and click manually to make sure it got the requests from my game feed, I am able to answer the request, I make sure to click on requests that I saw go through the bonus collector, so I'm not actually answering my friend's requests. Some of my friends have been using this tool so I know it works, why isn't it working for me?

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@JuJu McKee

Unless Pioneer Trail changes how their reward post links work, the Game Feeds app will likely never work for the game.

The Game Feeds app was designed to work with as many games as possible. Because of this, we cannot go in and modify it to work with a quirk in one game here, another game there, yet another game over there. The number of hours that would be required in order to do this for EVERY single Facebook game out there would be more than we could manage.

This is why we have the Snag Bar. When a new game comes out that is popular, we get to know how that game works. If it's a good candidate for the Snag Bar, we then program that game into the bar. Then we maintain that game on the Snag Bar. This is why there are only 15 games on the Snag Bar at this time.

So if you want the ability to collect Pioneer Trail reward posts, you will need to install the Snag Bar on your computer.


the game feed app does not work for pioneer trail works just like the 1 click bonuses from this still have to click on play to get it to there anyway to work it so it works like the snag bar to accept it?


That may mean there is a problem with the FarmVille items on the Snag Bar, though it worked for me this morning. Anyway, glad that you got it working again.


It was set for farmville and pioneer trail, once I took farmville off, it ran smoothly and worked! thank you so much!


Are you sure you have Pioneer Trail checked on the Toolbar Preferences page? And that you have all the items checked in the "options" section as well?


When I click snag, it just scans it never shows up with results, the scan just goes on and on and on.


Okay. I have tested both the Snag Bar and the 1-Click Bonus tool in the Game Feeds app for both Pioneer Trail.

As far as I can tell, the Snag Bar is working perfectly with Pioneer Trail. It properly snagged the reward posts on my News Feed. And when I clicked the links for those reward posts on the Snagged Item page, I wasn't able to snag a single one of them manually. This means the Snag Bar did what it was suppose to do.

The 1-Click Bonus tool on the Game Feeds app, however, does not work on its own. This is because Pioneer Trail requires a second link to be clicked inside the reward post, something the Bonus tool isn't able to do (but the Snag Bar does do). If you use the 1-Click Bonus tool for Pioneer Trail, you would need to stay at your computer and click all the inside links as the page opens in the pop-up box. And that would kind of defeat the purpose of the tool.


That link didn't work either.


I tried using the snag bar, when that didn't work, I tried the the my-feeds page


Okay. I just reread the first sentence of your original post and now I have a couple of additional questions as a result:

1) Don't use our site's built-in My Feed pages anymore. There are too many bugs in it and we are no longer supporting it. Instead, use our new Game Feeds app (

2) The "Snag" portion of the Snag Bar works with Pioneer Trail. Is there any reason you are using the Feeds instead of using the Snag Bar itself?


I'm using the snag bar feeds and the game feeds on he site with the same result


Bry, are you using our Game Feeds App or the My Feed page on our site?

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