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Question-whiteUnhide my game requests on my facebook homepage

by Kathy Hershey - Sep 25, 2012 Star_s3,096 views

On my facebook page, I accidently clicked on the dropdown that asked if I didn't want to see anymore chefville requests on my home page..Do you know how to undo that? Now gamefeed is not finding them either. What do I do?

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12-em-plus add reply

ive been to this app but it doesnt show bingo blitz,and post from friends are not showing in feeds..any suggestions


OMG THANK YOU AlAn Atterbery! I kept getting messages saying to go to the bottom to find the edit options (which I remember), but now that bottom link doesn't stop to ask if you want to view older stories lmao! Oh wow this is a life saver to me, thank you thank you thank you!


Hopefully you have found the answer to your question already. But in case you haven't, and should anyone else have this question:

Go to your Facebook home page. Look in the left column for the "News Feed" bookmark, move your mouse to the left of this line until a pencil icon displays, click the pencil icon, then click "edit settings." In the pop-up box that opens, everything that you have hidden will be listed. Find the page/app you want to display again, click the "x" on that line, then click the "Save" button. That's all there is to it.

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