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Light-bulbEpic Bosses List

by Richard Lettaw - Sep 26, 2012 Star_s18,059 views

What are Epic Bosses?

Epic Bosses are hidden, special bosses that can be unlocked only by completing all the threats of a specific mission as well as deploying a specific Superhero when required. In order to unlock them, all threats (including the Mission Boss) must be accomplished. Epic Bosses are listed as an Epic Boss when engaged. They are tougher than the usual Mission Boss and requires some strategy to defeat.

What are Epic Boss Drops?

After an Epic Boss is defeated, an Epic Boss Roulette opens up where you are given an opportunity to acquire an item that can only be obtained through this method. Although there are many theories as to how to obtain these items with greater frequency, it is believed that, in general, an individual has a 6% chance to obtain the item despite the fact that statistically, you should have a 1 in 9 (11%) chance to land the item in the roulette.


EPIC BOSS: Elektra
Location: Chapter 2 Mission 3
Unlock Requirements: Complete all Threats and Deploy Missions (you will need to Deploy a Scrapper and Black Cat)
Epic Drop: Grecian Sai (see stats in image below)
Strategy: Elektra will be supported by 2 Scrappers so avoid using heroes that are Infiltrators. A good Bruiser will probably help a lot in this battle. Otherwise, it's pretty straightforward. Elektra does counter-attack though so be sure to attack with a hero that has adequate health to absorb her counter-attack. Elektra is a great opportunity for farming Command Points if you're not that high level.

Location: Chapter 3 Mission 5
Unlock Requirements: Complete all Threats and Deploy Missions (you will need to Deploy a Blaster, a Tactician, Black Widow and Spider-man)
Epic Drop: Doombringer (see stats in image below)
Strategy: This isn't really Dr. Doom, but rather 3 Doombots that you must defeat. They are all Blasters so simply use some Tactician heroes and you'll be in good shape. A Doombot can sacrifice another Doombot though by draining its life to heal itself so it's a better idea to focus all your attacks on a Doombot so that you can eliminate it quickly before it can benefit the other Doombots.

EPIC BOSS: Magneto
Location: Chapter 4 Mission 4
Unlock Requirements: Complete all Threats and Deploy Missions (you will need to Deploy a Scrapper and Storm)
Epic Drop: Magnetic Field Generator (see stats in image below)
Strategy: Magneto attacks and leaves the target with a positive or negative charge. This is important as he uses either a Positron Shield (positive charge) or an Electron Shield (negative charge). Just make sure to attack when the charge that your hero has is opposite that of the shield and your attacks will pass through the shield. You can also use items or status effects like Poison, Electricity or Bleed/Ravage to get past his shields as the shield is difficult to overcome. This Epic Item is one of the best items in the game so it's very much worth it to try to farm this Epic Boss (experience isn't bad either).

Location: Chapter 5 Mission 3
Unlock Requirements: Complete all Threats and Deploy Missions (you will need to Deploy a Scrapper, a Blaster and Wolverine)
Epic Drop: Norn Stone (see stats in image below)
Strategy: Loki attacks in 3 waves. The first Loki has some interesting debuffs like a mirror effect which makes it so that if you attack Loki, you will heal him instead of damage him. Simply bide your time and attack with impunity when the opportunity presents itself. The second stage is a bit more difficult as there will be 3 Lokis but only one of them is real. To find the real one, look around until you find one with a green symbol instead of red - that will be the real Loki. Attack that Loki over and over (even with attacks that don't deal damage such as a Laser Spotter) and you will trigger Harmful Discovery which will deal damage to all 3 Lokis. Be careful though because if you attack the wrong Loki, you will heal him instead of deal damage. The 3rd wave is similar to the Loki of the 1st wave. Simply deal with him similarly.

EPIC BOSS: Doctor Octopus
Location: Chapter 6 Mission 3
Unlock Requirements: Complete all Threats, Deploy Missions (you will need to Deploy a Scrapper, a Bruiser and Luke Cage*)
Epic Drop: Electrostatic Arm (see stats in image below)
Strategy: Doc Ock is pretty easy for an Epic Boss. The only unusual thing is that he transfers a "hot potato" ISO virus at you once in a while and boosts his companions once in a while. The virus can be sent back by attacking so it's pretty simple to get rid of. Just make sure that you transfer it right before it expires as it inflicts a lot of damage.

EPIC BOSS: Green Goblin
Location: Chapter 7 Mission 3
Unlock Requirements: Complete all Threats, Deploy Missions (you will need to Deploy a Scrapper, a Tactician and Spider-man)
Epic Drop: Goblin Glider (see stats in image below)
Strategy: Green Goblin is alone and is a Scrapper. This combination makes him reasonably easy to defeat. Use a couple of Bruisers and you should be able to make short work of Green Goblin.

Location: Chapter 8 Mission 5
Unlock Requirements: Complete all Threats, Need Spider-Woman (can change hero after battle starts), Deploy Missions (you will need to Deploy a Tactician, a Blaster and Hawkeye)
Epic Drop: Possessed Pistol (see stats in image below)
Strategy: There will be three waves with The Hood being the recurring leader. The first wave, he will be supported by Hydro-man (Bruiser) and Crimson Cowl (another Infiltrator). As The Hood is an Infiltrator, you should have a Scrapper to deal with him quickly (I suggest swapping out Spider-Woman for Iron Fist or Daredevil). You may want to avoid fielding a Blaster as the second wave will contain Madame Masque and Constrictor who are both Tacticians. The most difficult wave, however, is the final wave with Jack O'Lantern (Blaster) and Grey Gargoyle (Scrapper). They have very nasty debuffs especially Jack O'Lantern. I suggest fielding a Tactician as support (Captain America is a good choice) or a Bruiser like Thor (although you need to be careful to take out Jack O'Lantern quickly in this case). Most of these opponents are immune to stun, so don't even bother. Focus on targeting each boss individually and taking them out quickly and you should be able to prevail. Take note that even if you lose the battle, you will be awarded a lot of experience points. A useful strategy is to intentionally lose this battle thus farming Command Points and Experience at the same time and just rinse and repeat as needed. You may need to 5-star the mission first to synchronize the level of your opponents.

Note: I've been asked to update this tutorial to make it more helpful. Initially, it was simply a list that I could use to remind myself of where the Epic Bosses could be found. While a lot of people have found this list useful, a lot of new players have also expressed some confusion as to how to unlock and defeat the Epic Bosses. As a result, I've decided to update the list with the addition of screenshots as well as a Strategy section to give general guidelines on how to defeat each Epic Boss. Thanks to reapersaurus for bringing this to my attention.

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12-em-plus add reply

What are the epic bosses for chapter 9, 10 and 11?


for epic boss in mission 8 the best combo is agent with blaster suite and weapons( signpost, construct matrix, golden tyrant blade and faulteater) to deal with hydrogen and jack o'latern, ghost rider for quick actions with The Hood and The thing which will always e=remain in Stonewall and strike back as a payback time and you get 370xp points

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