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Light-bulba new way to hack units tier 9 only 9 came people fast fast ......

by Hmodi Alawi - Sep 26, 2012 Star_s3,287 views

1== people you need ====Cheat Engine=====you can get it from here: http://www.cheatengine.org/

2==you need ===HQ building===

3==open the ====HQ building====

4== use the unit tier 1-4 spy

5==clone an su122-tank

6==go back to your empire

7==click on 'world domination' icon (use the alliance option)

8==select a land theater (to use land units)

9==open cheat engine and scan for the su122-tank code (U111)

10==change the su122-tank (U111) to the one of a tier 9 unit (UN34)(((land unit)))

11==click on fight

12==the game will hang for a little moment

13==refresh the game,open the inventory and you should see your new tier 9 unit


-Berserk Battleship_UU37

-Galaxy Fighter_UC25

-Rapid Assault Turret_UN34


-Crimson Copter_UB65






-Kal Gunboat_UU02

and thanks for reading bayyyyy

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12-em-plus add reply

I Dont think this cheat not working


i don't thank this still works any other way of doing it


@Hmodi Alawi Ok but try in the next time to publish thing from your writing from you not from anybody else ok ? and anyway thank you


@Kareem Abu Al-Filat yes you are right broo it`s the same way but i loved to share it man and thanks for Alejandro Retana and thanks for reading man


Its the same way that put it @Alejandro Retana its not new way so thanks to Alejandro Retana


@Nermin Huskić yes man you are right about that xD


You can hack them by cloning them and fight 5 times until you lose them, then without refreshing game clone another unit and now refresh. The first cloned unit will be in your inventory :)

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