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Light-bulbStuck on Level 76 :S

by Jer Sigler - Sep 27, 2012 Star_s12,806 views

How do I get past this level?! There are some times when the cherries go through (just on the one side, though) and it counts toward the goal and then there are times when they get through and don't count! And on the opposite side, they just sit there and don't move at all once they've hit the bottom of the puzzle! Please help! Thanks! :)

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12-em-plus add reply

I can't get throught it either. It would be nice if there were instructions instead of just videos posted. This is the most helpful website I have found however I don't understand the instructions for level 76 lol. Maybe it's just me though. Hope it helps you!


Thanks, I thought I was just being stupid ! This is the same problem I am having, why does the fruit drop count sometimes but not other times? I can't figure it out .


Combine the 2 special candies for the additional effect on the rt table. The acorn will then go to the top left table.


Did u get any help, cause I can't move as well, still on 76 after a week.

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