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Question-whiteUnlock requests fails

by Ilse Renaux - Sep 27, 2012 Star_s46,873 views

I am at the end of a level and need my friends to unlock me. I have plenty of friends to do so (and they have done so in the past for other levels), but each time I try to send out the request, my computer blocks. Is there an other way (other than paying for it) to get unlocked, or get my friends to unlock me?

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I have friends unlocking level 96 more than once but it doesn't unlock. Passed level 95 with 3 stars too. Frustrating.


Did you ever get an answer to this problem?


I have the same problem. Got the 3 stars (with more than 35 000 points) and can't move to 81. There's nothing that appears for me to do a request to my friends.... I don't understand a thing and getting frustrated.


Hi all I am having the same or a similar issue (unlocking to level 186). Apparently I have to reach a target of 300 000 (have got it up to 210) you only need 50 000 to complete the level. I have tried collecting more stars but that isn't reducing the target. If anyone works out the problem can they post here,,, cheers.


Hi having the same problem using chrome. Loaded game up with internet explorer and names of friends appeared


I reached level 80, I need to unlock the next episode but my list of friends doesn't load....What can I do? Is this a bug of Candy?


me too :( not very happy i was looking forward to lvl 186


The very same thing is happening to me - I have tried many things and still have found no answer. If I find an answer I will post it - please do the same for me....


mine not loading either im stuck now and cant move on because i cant request my friends to get me to the next episode


a friend of mine has the same problem .... the page for selecting friends doesn't load


Lisa, I am having the same problem can not send friend requests to even unlock the next level...I cleared my browser (google chrome) and cleared my adobe flash too...still it just keeps spinning...

were you able to get yours to work...if so what did you do to get it to work??


Weird, it's not happening to me. If it's happening only to you, it must be your computer and/or browser. If it's happening to all of your friends, you should contact the creators of the game (there are many glitches since their last update).

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