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Light-bulbCityville Custom Car Shop

by Anthony Dean - Sep 30, 2012 Star_s204 views

or whatever it's called.

I searched high and low to find an article that might offer some advice on how to get the materials for some of the more exclusive and exotic cars; one of which is needed to complete Act 1, Part 1 of the "Welcome the World" goals. I did find a youtube video which gave me some ideas but it suggested using the Theme Park - which I haven't built yet and didn't really feel like building at the moment.

Here's my suggestion and believe me, it's bound to be faster than sending requests to friends using the links that are widely available online (for the simple fact that as much as we love them, our friends might not respond when we want them to no matter how many requests we send them).

Have a business of some sort that needs about 500 (I used the level 3 Salvador's) or more customers to fill it. I am not sure if you can use malls but that would theoretically be much better. Reason is you want something that takes a long time to fill so you don't use a whole lot of energy when your main goal is to collect from cars.

Put the business near a road and rotate it until the entrance or the place where the customers and cars stop is visible to you and clickable.

Keep your mouse at that spot and click away once you've supplied the business with goods. Make sure it's not an upgradeable business or else you will be taken to the upgrade box more than you'd like. That wastes valuable time that could be spent getting car parts.

With a business like the one I mentioned above, I averaged more than 25 parts in the time that it took for the business to be completely filled. After about 4 tries, I was able to get the stereos, gull wings and alarms for the Phoenix Car which is needed to finish the Italian goals as previously mentioned (aka Welcome the World, Act 1, Part 1).

I obviously can't promise that the same thing will happen to you. All I can promise is that after about 20 minutes, you will have about 100 parts where before you would have probably been betting on your requests sent to your friends.

By the way, it's best if the business is the only one being supplied as you do this. Supplying and trying to collect from multiple ones will end in failure.

If I figure anything else out, I'll post. I think the more cars you have in your city, the less time it takes for businesses to be filled. You might want to watch that. I'll test it with malls and post my results in a day or two as a response to this thread (or an edit. Can we do edits at GU??).

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12-em-plus add reply

Just wanted to stop in to say that I couldn't bother to test the mall theory. Try it yourself and let me know if it works. I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't but Zynga is weird so you can't always expect things to be straightforward. 6 days later and I've done all the cars they have up there. It helped that we got that Digital Depot for the Super Hood Goals I think and that requires 1000 customers to fill it. Worked even better than Salvador's for this little trick. Happy playing.,

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