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Light-bulbLost Memory Mission

by Barbara D'Angelo - Oct 01, 2012 Star_s1,537 views

Well it has finally happened, you Lost your Mind! And no it is not the never-ending missions that have done this, and  well to tell the truth, it is your spouse not you!   There was an accident riding out with  together and your spouse got clouted on the head with a branch. So now it is a case of amnesia and Doc Auburn is going to help by giving lovely reminders of your life together.....

A popup will hearld the arrival of this mission which consists of 5 missions and a 4 step build of the Memory Cabinet. Clicking on the Memory Cabinet will bring up a Memory Meter that will keep track of how we are doing getting our spouse's memory back.

New for this mission is a Spouse Memory Boost, that will double rewards for fruit and crop tends for 20 minutes, these are collected from a completed Memory Cabinet. We will also have a new animal which is a mission and collection reward the Woodpecker Crow and a new free gift crop the water Hyssop.The water hyssop is an 8 hour crop with 14xp and 650 coins on harvest without boosts.

Of course we can't do without a new collection, Memory Collection that will drop from both the crop and the Woodpecker crow.

The Memory Cabinet

Stage One

10 sturdy legs, oak trees
15 Diary pages, adult cows
6 Scrap Books, requested
3 Curio Drawers, crafted
5 Cabinet Doors, crafted
1 New Memory Diary, reward from mission one

Crafting, to make one Curio Drawer you will need 4 brass handles, requested and 4 pine drawers, drops from fully grown pine trees on your homestead.

to make one Cabinet Door you will need 3 glass panels, drops from adult ducks on your homestead, and 4 Wood Frames, requested.

Stage Two

8 Old Love Letters, drops from grass
10 Spouse Stories, requested
15 Old invitations, requested
8 Old Clothes, requested
8 Wedding Memories, crafted
1 Breakfast Cookbook, Reward from mission 2

Crafting: to make one Wedding Memory requires 3 Wedding invitations, clearing grass and rocks on neighbors homesteads, and 6 slices of wedding cake, requested.

Stage Three

15 Broken In Boots, drops from potatoes
20 Chore lists, requested
8 Animal Feed Bags, requested
8 Butter Churns, crafted
8 Crisp Linen Sheets, crafted
1 Wedding Photo, Reward from mission 3

Crafting: To craft one butter churn you will need 8 solid Wooden planks, drops from fully grown willow trees on your homestead, 8 Iron Banding requested, and 8 Churn Handles, requested

To craft one Crisp Linen Sheet you will need 4 Linen Bolts, Flax, and 5 Handy Stitching, Requested

Stage Four

20 Fancy pages, white roses
12 Friend Portraits, requested
20 Pressed Flowers, requested
10 Memory Serum, crafted
12 Cameras, crafted
1 Weathered Wedding Ring,reward for mission 4

Crafting: each Memory Serum requires 3 Hyssop Extract, drops from harvesting Hyssop, and 5 Sugar Water, requested

For each Camera you will need 8 Hinge Frames, requested, 4 Collapsible Body, drops from adult oxen on your homestead, and 5 Precise lenses requested.


Part I, Bump on the Nopggin

Tend 25 Adult Sheep
Harvest 20 Peppermint
Place the Memory Cabinet

Rewards: 400XP, 2 Squeezin the Stone, New Memory Diary

Part II Memories Locked Away

Tend 35 Adult Pigs
Tend 50 Adult Chickens
Upgrade the Memory Cabinate

Rewards: 600XP 2 Lumber Tree Serums, Best Breakfasts Cookbook

Part III A Life Worth Rememberin'

Tend 60 Pink Roses
Craft 8 Memory Journal Pages
Upgrade the Memory Cabinate

Rewards:800XP, 2 Woodpecker crows, Wedding Photo

Crafting, each Journal Page requires 6 Blank page, requested and 2 Writing Quills, drops from adult geese

Part IV Back in The Saddle

Tend 5 Woodpecker Crows with Spouse
Tend 60 Lemon Trees with Spouse
Upgrade the Memory Cabinate

Rewards 1200XP, Farmers crate, Weathered Wedding Ring

Part V It's All Comin' Back

Tend 50 Neighbor Crops
Harvest 80 Red Roses
Finish the Memory Cabinet

Rewards 2000XP, 2 Shearing for Shave Tails, Beef Jerky


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12-em-plus add reply



Still having no luck! Not dropping any diary pages either. :(


Same here..oaks do not give me sturdy legs..pines do not give me drawers and ducks do not give me glass panels..very frustrating..I get all sorts of "crap" I no longer need but these....


My ducks won't drop glass panels. Any ideas how to increase the chances?

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