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Question-whiteHow Link Exchange Works?

by Jen Fleming - Oct 03, 2012 Star_s226 views

Hi I'm fairly new on here and have some questions about how link exchange works etc but cannot find the info anywhere. All the questions previously asked are specifically about making woogoo links or else just people posting links in the forum where I gather they're not supposed to! :-)

I know how to make and post a link and have done so successfully for the past two days. However... two questions:

1. I've noticed that GU! itself only works if my facebook account is open. Does that mean that if I go to work for the day (turning the PC off etc. and hence closing facebook and GU! windows of course) that my link will be "dead" and people will get the "Sorry..." message?

2. I see people helping me and then when I click to help them back I just get the "Sorry..." message (about 60% of the time). Is that because they've logged out of facebook or turned off their PCs or whatever or do the links expire after a certain timeframe or number of clicks or what?

If someone could give me the basics of how this all works that would be greatly appreciated.



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12-em-plus add reply

Read this thread , elizabeth . It gives a script you can install with just a click that works perfectly


please help me, i am unable to create a woogoo link. when i right click on the blue hyperlink it doesn't have the copy link address. any help would be much appreciated


Those were really good questions. Glad someone thought to ask because I didn't haha.


Thanks Christine - much appreciated! Now I don't have to run up the electicity bill or feel bad about doing something wrong when people have links up that aren't working for me! Much appreciated. Jen


1. You'll still get clicks even if your computer isn't switched on

2. If you get the link expired message it's because the link is either too old or because they have already received the 20 items wooga allows each link

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