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Question-whiteFence Problem: post can not remove

by Badtrip Rem - Oct 03, 2012 Star_s5,528 views

Please help me.

How to remove the post connecting two fences?

i can move the fence, but i cannot remove or move the post connecting two fences.

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12-em-plus add reply

If you click your tools, then click the sell icon, you can sell the posts for no coins, but it DOES get rid of them!


@Janet Corliss - I HATE having to click those things four things to get rid of them. And then I always manage to move my mouse just enough right before I click to try and sell something else. So frustrating.

@Micah Miller - The last time I moved my animal pen around, I built the fence so that the extra posts did not show up. Decided it was worth spending the money on an extra couple of fence pieces instead of spending the time getting rid of those extra posts next time I move the pen around.


When building a fence you can lay the section 1 space away from another and they will connect creating an extra post to make them connect. Later when you move a fence section away the extra post can sometimes stay around. The easiest way to fix it is to use the sell tool, zoom in close to make sure only to pick the extra post. And then.... like everything else in FV2 click it. You can also avid this by building fence sections right against each other and not get an extra post.


I have found that you sometimes have to click on a post 1 to 4 times before it disappears.


The only thing you can do with those posts is sell them. Since they didn't cost you anything to start with, you don't earn any money from them.

I will say to be careful when selling them, however. Not only do you have to have the ground under that post highlighted, but you also have to have your mouse pointer on the post. These things are a pain to get rid of and it's easy to accidentally sell something adjacent to it in the process.


Move one of the fences to one side then try to sell posts by double clicking it.


I can't either - I guess you just have to deal with them or you can sell them - they don't cost you anything to begin with so just sell it and move on until they fix it - new game so there will be some bugs

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