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Light-bulbHow to place houses over the sea

by Alejandro Retana - Oct 04, 2012 Star_s3,211 views

Some months ago there was a way to place any kind of building over the sea,but nowadays the only buildings you can place on the sea are houses.The trick to do it came as a result of trying to hack the Beacon Submarine,which was a failed experiment but left us with a way to place houses over the sea,something that might be useful for some people

You need:

-The Neighborhood Building
-Charles Proxy,download it from here: http://www.charlesproxy.com/

1.You need to have at least 1 house stored in the Neigborhood building:

2.Run Charles and make sure the breakpoints are set on the 'flashservices' folder,I suggest you to read this first: Setting Up Charles Web Debugging Proxy

3.Now click on the Neighborhood building,Charles should pop up,and you should see a captured 'request',click on 'execute' and wait for the 'response' from the server,click on 'edit response' and set the view mode to 'AMF'

4.Expand the folders and find the one with the Neighborhood info,it has a 'data' and a 'metadata' folder in it,expand the 'data' folder and under the 'blocks' folder you should see the name of the item stored on the neighborhood:

5.Replace the house name with the one of a sea unit,any would be okay but the Kraken has the shortest name:

6.Disable the breakpoints,click on 'execute' and you should see a Kraken stored on the Neighborhood:

7.Click on the Kraken and place it on your island:

8.Reload the game and now you have a house placed over the sea:

Here is a video of the process: How to place houses over the sea

also read:

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12-em-plus add reply

hoye alejandro podrias acerun tuturama en espanol de esto y de las espansiones en espanol hermano esk mi compas no lo entienden bien asi graias


@Alexander Garcia, the version you're using should work too,maybe you are doing something wrong,on which step are you stuck?


i have charles 3.6.5 aand dont work wish version its the one works please



i tried the bot but it doesnt seem to work. plus the link you posted on another page my friend doesnt work, or maybe relocated to another page. the "capsule suite" building is so easy to duplicate. i have 7 of them. just put the finished capsule suit/s inside the neighborhood building and thats it. you can make another capsule suit from the "BUILD" button menu.

but please enlighten me about the neighbor hood building. :)


take the GetItems plugin in EAABot or how alejandro says, use the espionage hack to get them!


How to get more Neighborhood building? My friend have 4 Neighborhood building.


@Jomar Sto Tomas, there's a eaabot plugin that allows you to get buildings using the Espionage HQ building


Alejandro, is there a way to hack buldings?


a friend of mine has 6 capsule suites. maybe he successfully tricked the building hack... :)


how to hack it using cheat engine..


@Jimmy Callagan, yep,you can use the 3.5.1 version too,mine is 3.5.2 and works just fine

@Champion Yousha, you're welcome,and as far as I know there's no hack to get buildings


@Lucerio BraulioJr, you are welcome

@Jimmy Callagan, make sure that you're editing the response and not the request,after you click on the neighborhood one request will be sent asking the server for the info about it,you execute it and edit the response that's sent back


thank alejandro its working to me

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