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Question-whiteRequests for Help not posting

by Hill Teachey - Oct 04, 2012 Star_s4,247 views

Some of my requests are posting and getting answered. Others are not. I dont understand it. When I asked for help building the water trough, I got lots of help. When I ask for farmhands I get plenty of help. But when I ask for baby bottles and when I ask for garden clippers so I can expand I get zero response. These posts are not discovered by the link exchange either. I also cannot find these posts on my own wall therefore I cannot manually post them to the link exchange. Can anyone help?

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12-em-plus add reply

I think it is Farmville 2. I sent out help requests to build and I got responses from my neighbors, but even though I clicked, when I got to my farm it didn't show anyone had helped me. Hopefully it is better tomorrow.


The Link Exchange won't discover the baby bottles because those are not "give one, get one" items. As for those and the Garden Clippers not posting to your wall, it does appear that FarmVille 2 is having some issues today. Some requests I made earlier today went unanswered, though another batch I sent out a couple of hours ago did go out.

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