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Light-bulbPersimmons tree is out (24 day limited time!)

by Tony Hull - Oct 05, 2012 Star_s2,946 views

The Persimmons Tree is out for 24 days only! 

Cost: 4500

Time: 8hr.

Water: 3

Average harvest: 3 (of 2 unfertilized I gained 2 fruit each.  For one fertilized I gained 4 fruit.)

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@Alana Aspinall - 1) I don't believe you can delete your own posts, though for future reference I believe you can edit them. 2) As for the Persimmon Tree, I don't believe there are any recipes in the Kitchen anymore that use them. While it's always possible that FarmVille 2 may bring it back one day, there is simply no way to know. And I don't think it's worth keeping the tree now since space on your farm is limited.


@Alan Attebery - Is a point in keeping the Persimmon Tree??? Or just sell it?
btw - how do I delete my post below??


does anyone see a point in keeping the Permission???


@Karan Kular - FV2 might bring it back someday, but as for now there is no way to buy it.


now we wil never have it in store??


Thankyou for your reply, now i can stock up on a couple :)


Between the cost of the trees and the number of resources needed to make the other parts of receipe, I'm thinking I'll sit this one out. Seems like too much effort and money and not enough return.


@Ginna Smith Once you buy a limited edition item you have it forever.  The only exception to this rule are crops.  Crops are only around till the timer runs out.  BUT Trees, decorations, Animals, and limited edition buildings once bought will be with you until you sell them.

Edit: Harvested ingredients from limited edition crops should stay in your inventory as well, until you sell them.


Do these trees disappear after the time given as in we lose them from our farm ? Thanks


Hooray! Finally!!


Thanks Margaret!  I'm getting the exact same result from 2 other unfertilized trees.  So it doesn't look like they bare a lot of fruit.  Nice to add a little color to the farm though :)


I just put a speed grow on it - and retrieved 2 Persimmon from the tree. Un-fertilized.

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