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Question-whiteCrops wither how long after planting

by Jenny Russcher - Oct 06, 2012 Star_s7,064 views

Does anyone know how long crops last before they wither?

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12-em-plus add reply

i left corn (2 min) on the field all day and it didn't wither


This is an old thread that got revived. The answer since the question was originally asked is now 3 days. All crops, no matter how short the growing time, will stay harvestable for 3 days.


I would go with Alan's answer - I think the Wiki article may have been referring to FV1 - those crops withered very quickly. I have gone away for two days and crops have withered, but one day seems fine.


I doubt that is true for the faster maturing crops. I know I've left corn, blackberries, blueberries, etc for decorative purposes for at least several hours and they didn't wither.


According to Wikipedia, crops now wither at 2.5 times the growing time, e.g. since corn grows in two minutes, it will wither after 2.5*2=5 minutes


I haven't seen anyone officiall associated with FarmVille 2 answer this question. However, it appears that crops will stay harvestable for 18-24 hours AFTER they have fully grown.

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