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Question-whiteCan't get past level 20 - any help out there.

by Judy Slezak Johnson - Oct 06, 2012 Star_s59,121 views

I see the train and the red hat and I am blinking on level 20 but what do I do next? What are the 3 "X's" for on the board? Do I need help from friends & if so what do they need to do? thanks.

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12-em-plus add reply

@Pankaj Khathuria No, you need to send out to your Facebook friends. 


how to get tickets. is there anyway other than sending request. I mean from gamers unite any link of tickets


This might help!? A how to vid for level 20 with actual explanation!

(youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX5dihbEvpg




I've been on level 20 for a while. I've received 4 tickets from friends and reached 75600+ in points and I still can't get past this level! Any hints or tips would be very welcome.


you can't get passed level 20 without three tickets from your friends. just send them requests and when they send tickets and yu accept them, you will move on.


I have the same problem on level twenty, i make the 15,000 point but the arrow keeps sending me back to click on level 20 again. Any help out there?


After many failed attempts of trying to click on the ticket to ask friends for tickets and the page never loading, one of my friends sent me a request for a ticket (very first person to do so). It was only after that when I could finally get the page to load so that I could ask other friends for tickets. I am now off of level 20. On 23 now.


Play on an device other than your computer. Borrow a friends smart phone or tablet and play level 21 then go back to your computer.


I've been stuck on level 20 now for about 2 months. I already have 2 stars, so I'm thinking once I get the 3rd star I'll be able to move on. That is if I can get the 56,000+ points needed for the 3rd star.


I've sent friend requests to like 10 people and I still can't move on- no tickets. A friend of mine passed it with no problem. She got 3 stars on the level so I am wondering if that is the trick???


I'm stuck too and it's so frustrating. I can't understand it. It says you have to get 15,000 points in 60 seconds. I get it ... I pass the level ... and then I'm still back on it. What do you have to do to get past Level 20? I've passed it seven times already!


Judy, I'm beginning to think this game works in favor of those players who are stupid enough to pull out their cred cards to pay for extra lives, and whatever else they ask you to pay for. Everytime I play level 20 and get over 15,000 points (and I've been on level 20 for over a month now), it will tell me that I have "completed" that level. But, when I go to play again, I'm still on level 20. When the train says it will help me, I have noticed that I do get alot more points, but I'm not doing anything differently, just playing the game as I always do. You are only allowed 5 lives at a time, so it's no use in sending other players "lives" because they can't use them.
www.netives.com has some good games, and you don't have to pay a penny.


Donna, I click on the tickets but nothing happens. This is very frustrating. I still don't know what to ask/request from friends. And the train says it will help me but it doesn't do anything. How do I get whatever help the train offers?


I am also stuck on level 20!!!! When I click on the "ticket" to send requests, that page starts to load and it freezes. All I can do is send lives to other FB friends that play.


I am stuck also!!


What do I request? I have received lives but still am stuck with the blinking hat and train. The train says it will help me, but when I go thru its dialogue boxes, it doesn't do anything to change the blinking hat on level 20. The board that comes up for me to play is the same as always. What does it mean when the train says it will help?


You need to send requests to three of your friends and they all have to accept.


I am stuck on level 20 also:(

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