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Question-white'Ask Friends' limit

by Linzi Osburn - Oct 07, 2012 Star_s1,147 views

Is it just me or has Chefville and other games made it difficult to send requests to friends? I have so many tasks that need doing in Chefville where I have both to 'post' a request and 'ask friends', but once I choose to 'ask friends' once for one item, I can't go back in and do the same for the other items I need. It appears there is a limit of one 'ask' per day, and that is making it so difficult to finish my tasks.

I need to finish upgrading my chicken coop, I need to finish upgrading my hot dog stand, I need to finish upgrading my skillet, but this one 'ask friend' per day is going to make it almost impossible, because undoubtedly I'll finish one quest and another one will come along where I need to get parts for something. :(

Does anyone have any suggestions?? Is there any way to post those items on the link exchange??

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12-em-plus add reply

These are all good suggestions. What I personally do now is, for example, I want to get something specific done is send it to someone who I see is actually playing that game at that moment via requests down at the bottom right of the screen. If that fails, send it to someone you KNOW is going to be on, playing that, shortly. It goes a lot easier that way. You might not get them all done that day without more neighbors or active players but it will make it easier.


I play up on zynga .com where you can get help from others on asking or getting things ya need if ya add them it does not add them to your facebook yet does to the game on zynga, I have over 500 friends to get and ask items for up there for quite a few of the games I play and others, ya can try there if ya want is how alot make it fast upp in alot of the games. besides the snag bar or links pages. Hope this helps!


I do this same thing....only send requests to a few friends at a time. The list will cycle through as time expires. After a while, you'll figure out which friends will send you back items & which ones don't. And also, who are the quickest to send items back. The only time I send 'ask all chefville friends' during a lull time to ask for energy to build up an extra supply.


what i do is where your asking friends for items and you have like 3-4 you need per item i will break the players list in to two groups ,,,, I.E i will ask some for one item i will click a few friends then send then ill click ask friends on the other item and do the same thing a few friends this way i send out two request

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