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How do you USE Zoning Permit, City Seal, Ribbon etc. to get Expansion WITHOUT using cash??

by Chad Maier - Dec 14, 2010 Star_s90,080 views

Every time I want to expand, I have to use cash, even though I have 2 City Seals, 3 Zoning Permits, and a Ribbon.  If I click on the lower left of the icon, it puts it up into the Wish List - I haven't figured out how to USE these things to get the expansion without using cash - anyone else having this problem or figure out how to actually USE the darn things? 

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Amy Wong - Feb 15, 2011

Do NOT click on any of the links that says "Free Zoning Permit" or "Zoning Permit, you will get one too". Instead use our link exchange: which we do NOT allow those links that takes from your inventory.

If you post any of those links, we will ban you immediately from our forum.

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