Can't login in Gamers Unite?

If you are having trouble connecting to our site using Facebook Connect, try the following tips:

Log out and log back in on both Facebook and Gamers Unite!

Make sure you are completely logged out from both Facebook and Gamers Unite!. After that, restart your browser, login to Facebook first, and then try connecting with GU! again. If you cannot login to Facebook, you won't be able to connect with Gamers Unite!

Make sure you didn't block the Gamers Unite! app on Facebook

Believe it or not, this happens! To unblock our app:

  • Go to Facebook's Privacy Settings
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Manage Blocking" under "Blocked People and Apps" App_unavail1

  • Scroll down and click find "Blocked applications" - you should see "Gamers Unite!" on the list. App_unavail2

  • Click "unblock."

Try removing (not blocking!) our app temporarily from your Facebook settings.

  1. Go to your App privacy settings
  2. Remove Gamers Unite! application by clicking on the "x".Stuck2
  3. Try to login to Gamers Unite! again.

Try to connect to other sites that uses Facebook Connect

You can try sites like Rotten Tomatoes or PicBadges and see if you are able to do a Facebook Connect in general. If you can connect with other sites except for GU!, make sure you didn't block our app (see instructions above)

Try different browsers

Before you clear cache and cookies, try using a different browser and see if you can connect. We recommend Firefox, and Chrome.

Clear Cache and Cookies

There could be an error with your Cookies or Cache settings. Try clearing them and see if it helps.

I followed every step on this section but still can't login!

Screen share allows us to take a look at your computer remotely and help us investigate the bug you are encountering that we do not see ourselves.

Here are the steps to screen share with us:

  • Install Chrome Remote Desktop
    1. If you don't have Chrome, please install Chrome Browser (it's Free and it's super fast) on your computer.

    2. Launch Chrome and install Chrome Remote Desktop (it's Free also).
    3. When we arrange a good time to screenshare your screen, click "Share" on Chrome Remote Desktop
      and get the access code.

  • Please disable ALL other addons and toolbars except for the Snag Bar before screenshare.

Write us your available times via our contact form.