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Light-bulbCity Building Tips

by Tracey Harris - Dec 10, 2010 Star_s30,007 views

One thing I have learned in my real estate career that holds true with this game is that you want to make your businesses adjacent to each other.  Think about it.. if you are walking down the street shopping, you may go into stores that are connecting just because you walk out the door and the next one is right there.  It's the synergy a mall creates.  So, no spaces between businesses.
Next, it is free to add vacant lots for your neighbors to add franchises (under build businesses). This will help build a synergy on your street and help you make money without having to spend all of your money and energy building it yourself.  It will also help you get a good mix of businesses in your town.  I got a pool hall in my town when I was only on level 4 and was not eligible to open one on my own.  Note:  you do not have to accept the a business just because the neighbor puts it there which brings me to my next point. 
Be a good neighbor.  One town can only stand but so many coffee shops and bakeries.  It does cost more money to franchise other businesses but, if you want your neighbor to accept your business, put in a business they don't already have an abundance of. Personally, I am tired of spending all of my energy collecting from bakeries; since they only hold 10 items in inventory, you have to collect and restock often. 
Your neighbors are important.  If you are reading this, you know that Gamers Unite is the best place find other active players to be your neighbor.  If you need more goods for your town, harvest crops when you go to your neighbors farms.  If you need energy, your best chance of getting a 'free' energy is through collecting rent.  If you just need money, send the tour busses to the businesses or you can also chop down your neighbors trees. 
I have placed my businesses near the city hall, post office, and headquarters buildings.  If real life follows through to the game again, these buildings will supply buyers for your stores.  NOTE: THE COMMUNITY BUILDINGS DO NOT HAVE TO BE PLACED ON THE ROAD.  USE YOUR ROAD FRONTED LAND FOR BUSINESSES AND HOUSES.
Cheaper is not always better.  The smaller homes are cheaper to purchase but end up taking up most of your energy to collect the rent because of their short turn around times.  A few are good to get you started but you want to focus on two things: 1) your crops to keep your inventory up, and 2) collecting from your businesses and restocking them. 
Placing decorations, ie flowers and trees near the businesses also helps to attract people.
Don't be afraid to ask for energy and be sure to gift energy to your neighbors in return!
My last and BEST tip is PUT THE POLICE STATION NEXT TO THE BAKERY AND COFFEE SHOP!!!! lol... no, no, no!  That's just a bit of CityVille humor! 
Happy building. 
Thank you everybody.  There are some very helpful tips that have been posted in the comments here.  I am recapping them here because I really appreciate all the great advice that has come in.
1)   Connecting businesses and houses to roads with sidewalks.  There are two reasons to do this.  A. The roads are vey wide and take up lots of space.  It now costs me 150k to place an expansion so the space does get to be quite costly.  Maximize the space you have. 
And, B. The bonuses you get from placing decorations do not reach across a street but do reach across a sidewalk.  I saw one city that looked awesome; it had just one road with sidewalks laid in a continuous trail to connect everything. 
2)    When you have multiple neighbors harvesting the same crop or shipment:  Let one of them harvest it, then replant something before you accept the next neighbors help.  When the next neighbor helps, it will subtract harvesting time by a few hours.  Choose the crop by when you want to come back.  Eggplants will be ready immediately with either 1 or 2 neighbors help.         ** Don't forget that you can help with the docks too. 
3)   There is a need for all types of businesses, houses and crops.  The cityville quests randomly target different collectable items.  If you have some of everything in your city, you will have a head start on gathering that collectable.  I have instantly passed some quests because I already had the required amount of collectables.  I do have favorite houses and businesses but choose to have one or two of everything and fill the remainder of my space with my favorites. 
4)   Placement of boats on the docks.  I find that placing the boats parallel to the dock is best.  Although you will have less boats per dock than if you placed them perpenicular to the dock, you will be able to place two docks per expansion space instead of one.  Each dock increases your storage space too. 
5)    Placing community buildings helps with keeping up your energy.  Each time you 'harvest' your community building, you get coins and energy. 
My city stopped adding the extra energy from the community buildings to
my total.  I see the energy bolts, click on them but my energy meter
stays the same.  I hope your city is not plagued by that dreadful glitch too. 
6)   My city also stopped throwing out bonuses a while ago but, if your bonuses still work, try making a 'bonus plot' to use when you harvest businesses or houses.  What I mean by a 'bonus plot' is a place that is surrounded by big bonus decorations.  I bought a few tennis courts, a basketball court and some other 20+ bonus items so the plot says it will give a 200+ bonus.  A few people  said that they get really big bonuses that way. 

7)   When you are done playing, leave your city on zero energy.  If you leave the city for a few hours you will come back to full energy again because you get 1 energy every 5 minutes.  While you are playing you want to keep your energy at a number where the clock is counting down to give you more energy too.  More energy is always good and this gives you free energy you don't have to work for. 
I love this game but really wish Zynga would fix the glitches.
Keep the cities growing and the comments coming!

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One more thing to add about getting on zero energy before leaving. Also watch your XP and when it gets close to your next level up, use up all your energy, while watching what you are collecting so you don't UP your XP. Until your energy is gone. Then you can UP your XP. The energy bar usually won't go past the 30 marker if you level up.. So saying you have 20 left on your energy, the level up gives 30, but in this case, it will only add 10 to make it 30. I don't know if others have this happen, but it really irritates me when I work so hard to level up, then don't get my bonus. Tell me if this is happening to any of you. Posted this July 28 2013


Can anyone tell me what your suppose to do with the Spa's. I have over 500 of them, can't use that many, can't sell them and cannot delete them? They take up room in my inventory.


thankx 4 da tips


it is very very wanderful game thanks to who invent this game:)


my lovely game


thanks for the tips


you should have a 5th or a 4th of ur city devoted to ur supplies, make sure ur stocked up, and dont forget the community buildings, if it gets slow just collect rent for a little bit until u have enought to get another jumpstart. GL =]


well if everyone starts taking things seriously then we dont need all of these everyone knows what to do to make his or her city clean


@ Randi Kellermann, you just have to collect rent! Sometimes some kind of moving van appears, that's when new people move in!


mine do looks like an over populated city hahahahahaha


When you build a house, it has a population range, how do you get the higher end of the range?


Box Choco







Street clocks have to be sent to you by a neighbor from the "free gifts" screen


can anyone tell me that what is the way to enter a neighbour's mall?..........i cant get any way of it........
and also whr to find the street clocks?please do reply and ans......

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