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Question-whiteZoning permits, city seals, etc....

by Ray Haley - Jan 26, 2011 Star_s1,415 views

Can somebody please explain the use of these items to me? When I click on them nothing happens and I keep using coins to buy expansions. Are these items used for expansions and if so how? The cost of my next expansion is about 95k. Who can afford to click, click, click constantly to expand? My wrist hurts! LOL

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12-em-plus add reply

Found the answer..

Sherri Warren - Jan 02, 2011

@ Joe Fiorentino - there is no need to click on the items you mentioned. As you stated, this only adds them to the wishlist. For the zoning permits, marble, ribbon, gold plating, city seals, and building grants, all you need is the required amount of items. For expansions, as soon as you have the required amount of zoning permits, the expansion will unlock and you purchase it for 20k coins. When you have done this, the zoning permits will be deducted from your inventory.
For community buildings that require the other items I mentioned, you just collect the required amount of items. Once you have them, you, then, click the building and use the "finish" button at the bottom. After you have done this, those items will be deducted from your inventory and the building will be completed.
These items have no other use or purpose. They don't do anything when you click them. They are not something you can use from your inventory. They are what is known as "consumable" items, meaning once they have served their purpose, they are consumed - removed from your inventory.
If you have the required amount of items but the expansion is still not purchasable, or your buildings do not complete, you should find and post in the proper "bug" forum so the issue can be corrected.


No one is helping, I want to know how to USE them as well.
*****I CLICK!!! and nothign happens
I know what they are supposed to do, but how do you get them to do that!!!!
Everyone is just posting to give them stuff, and stupid scams
WHY CAN"T I CLICK ON IT! lol that's all I want to know. and no one is answering


I have found that I can only place 1 expansion per day. You must have at least 20 zoning permits for EACH expansion.


you use zoning permits to expand your city!
the city seals, building grant etc are used to build community buildings like library, post office etc


You NEED the "Zoning Permits" to expand.The other stuff,I have no idea.

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