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Light-bulbHi - Just wanting to pass on a bit of advice to some CityVille users.

by Sheryl Smith - Mar 13, 2011 Star_s415 views

Hi - Just wanting to pass on a bit of advice to some CityVille users.

If for whatever reason your questions are not getting answered here or in any other forum:

Go to Google and type in your question  "where do I find the hairbrush in cityville"

your answer will appear - this is just one of the responses I found in 2 seconds: 

Hair Brush is a part of the Forever Young Collection collectable items
in CityVille. You can add Hair Brush into your Whislist and you can send
it to your CityVille friends as a gift. You need a Hairbrush to finish
Dress For Date goal.

Hair Brush

How To Find Hair Brush ?

You can find Hair Brush by collecting from Cosmetic Store

All image above Copyright © Zynga Game Network Inc.

So if you are
waiting a very long time for your answer - type your question directly
into Google - it works like above in most cases.

BTW - GU still rocks but if the right person does not read your question then you wait a bit for the answer.

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